Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Wrong Day to Wear Cotton

Monday 5/3/12 I met with Rebecca Sharpe a fantastically astute textile ambassador for our industry. Rebecca has built great relations with the high end of the wool and cashmere trade in Europe and we toured Londons famous Saville Row. Here we were priveledged to see the high end culmination of our primary product. We witnessed the most expensive suit ever made (€75000) it was Diamond encrusted with gold Buttons, 18 carrot gold thread woven into the fabric – made from 100% pure wool, (when I asked if the wool was from western Queensland, it was not confirmed or denied). We spoke of the opportunities in the textile industry and the LOHAS consumer and trade. Educating Young Designers the Key – Wool Producers you have a good future with the emerging affluence of India and Asia. China is building the largest department store in London’s history ready for opening later this year, the surprising attribute of this store is that there will be no Asian Brands or products, they will be exclusively stocking Western brands and products…… this reveals to me the integrity and story of brands and products are imperative to the consumer not only in the West but also evidently now in the East. The importance of this to the wool industry is yes……significant. The population of Asia is currently 4.1 Billion or 60% of the world population. This creates a huge buffer for the wool industry in the short to medium term especially with the low National Flock average and the development of New Zealand away from sheep production into Dairy.

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