Tuesday, 13 March 2012


This is a term referring to sectorial groups and bodies amassing arguments to convince people of extreme views they create which they refer to as factorial.  This is designed to influence the public’s perception of products, brands and activities in this case relating to their environmental impact, the attempt is to deter the level of associated consumerism. They engage the brand/ product/ activity in such an extreme way that a position has to be taken in defence so far from the centre of the debate just to create balance, in essence rendering both arguments reckless.

Although I do believe entirely in sustainability and environmental stewardship as a land custodian, I believe it is a fallacy to dispel all aspects of an opposition’s viewpoint without appraisals and consideration. This characteristic of discussion is dangerous and is the benefactor of uncompromised revolt in world politics, religion, and race. It has the ability to create war, genocide, starvation and despair. On a personal level we must be aware of this and make our own judgements to the level of fact and opinion within a debate. During a debate watch how easily you can be swayed from one side to the other, then take a step back and consider the whole picture and debate in its entirety, once you have done this then re-enter the debate composed and in the centre. Here we will find true power. We can now be speaking from our heart instead of our head.

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