Friday, 9 March 2012

The European Union - Policy Positioning

I met with a Lord Henry Plumb at the Farmers Club, we were discussing the power of being present in negotiations over a few Scotches, the discussion trickled just into the morning hours and included a fine Gentleman by the name of Robin Malin of Velcourt who to my understanding founded with Harry Perkins Wesfarmers Australia.

We discussed when Henry was Chairman of the European Parliament and how the negotiations took place. Although there wasn’t any inclusion of the continents outside of the EU in the discussions many attended to protect their countries interests. Australia was not present at these negotiations as they thought they would have no bearing n  the outcome, however when I asked about New Zealanders it was generally viewed that you couldn’t move without tripping over them. New Zealand now has a Lamb Quota into the EU every year of 270000 tonnes to which they have never completely filled.

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