Friday, 9 March 2012

The Great Divide

It is interesting to note the divide between the producer and consumer is universal. The retailer is not wholley responsible but arguably feeds and waters the separation from the middle; pushing prices higher for the consumer and lower for the producer creating a bigger margin in the middle. Why would you not create and defend misconceptions and secure domination and influence?  In terms of groceries the companies that have a 20% to 40% profit margin often contain an addictive quality ie phillip morris int, coke, colgate Palmolive etc and are packaged lifestyle products. These products are so successful due to their marketing and result in a misconception on necessity. Especially with the pharmaceutical health products that are flooding checkout and advertising all around the world. These products can be massed produced with no reliance on farmers, health is directly related to sales, therefor thinking will be spawned in this realm. Alas I have a plan...................... linking Producers to Consumers

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