Friday, 29 June 2012

Paparazzi State

Tianaaman Square, The Great Wall and The Forbiden City.

Paparazzi State was in Full Swing in Beijjing. Less cameras in Hollywood, up to 15 on most posts, buildings and walls surrounding the square plus satellites. There are no flights permitted over Beijjing for security, our interpreter knew nothing of what happened until she came to Australia 3 months ago, fascinating the level of governance while we were there people were being arrested for blogging and insighting rumours. If the Chinesse government decides upon policy or project it happens without any red tape, debate or sectarian influence, they make it happen. In terms of opportunity there was not a day go by that Michael Chilvers and I did not see huge potential, with a population of 1.4 Billion the reach is incredible. The people in the corporate ag sphere are desperate for western knowledge and systems and we were continually asked if we were interested in entering business in one form or another, I believe we all will to some degree and this trip has surely bought bought China allot closer.

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