Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I Have Sheep

Kai Feung

Hosted by one of the scholars who has business relations in Kai Feung we had an all expenses paid visit by the Chineese company he deals with. This was an incredible insight into how to integrate with Chinese business. Many opportunities, they employed 1200 in their steel works and produces grain handling equipment and can custom make or imitate any products. They can export to Australia for a fraction of the price from any western nations the difference now is they are catching up with the quality of their products and they are starting to rival the established western firms. Labour was 20 dollars Australian per day. Their tradition in hosting visitors in China is quick dining and fierce rice wine toasting by this stage I was getting a handle on the language and worked out how top tell them "I have Sheep"...... I can't imagine how this sounded, but by their reaction it was funny.  Often once they broke through my accent barrier and realised what i was saying they would launch into tears of laughter. This resulted in many reasons for toasts of rice wine and by the end of dinner we were singing and laughing. During this dinner I became great friends with one of the executives of the company it was touching to note he became very emotional about the poverty in China and asked for help, I said to him through freindship and communication anything is possible, he was a truly nice man.
In America there is a obbeste rate of approximately 40%, in China there is not any, the level of dependence on agriculture in China is massive as they consume most of their resources internally and there is little to no waste. In terms of their export potential and competitive ability on a world stage, I believe the aggressive nature of their agricultural acquisitions is to purely support their own population.

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