Saturday, 23 June 2012

Moui China

Gaung Zhou

Finally after years of reading and study I found her China what an intriguing place. You know it when you get there, the scale of undertakings the vision and the relentless quest for superior positioning. You can not describe it. Every farmer should get there.

You will realise how they operate if you read the ancient literature Tsun Tsu the Art of War. At Gaung Zhou we took a ferry from HK then a bus from the sea port to the hotel. We drove almost an hour the roads median strip had manicured gardens all the way and we were skirted by perfect trees at 5 metre spacings, along the roads this was the same all through China. For those that know me, know I love concrete it is the most rewarding aspect of developing a property, in China there are cement trucks everywhere. There is a permanence that attracts me to concrete and the bus load of scholars were in awe of how much concrete has been mixed in China, the engineered structures continually received gasps. At Guang Zhau we meet with Australian Austrade Officials for our first Chinese meal, they were very pleasant people, we visited a farmer and spoke at lengths about their farming practices, he was overwhelmed by our practices and I said to Emma our interpreter that even with or mechanisation we could not get the productivity that he gets, he's reply with a smile was "ofcourse". This showed me suppression was just a perception I had with the Chinese. Bryce Riddel was out of sorts that day and feeling quite unwell, the farmer asked how many moiu he had, not really knowing what he meant, Bryce replied cautiously "oh well I've got about 180 cows" moiu being the measurement for area which is 1/16th of a hectare in which a farmer recieved 1 for farming practices around Guang Zhou.

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