Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia

The extremes of investments in China are incredible with regard to agriculture. There is the peasant farmer dynamic - base material, base design, base labour and bare finishing which is reflective of the Chinese agricultural past the food credibility is limited in these systems. There is then the modern influence, capital investment, technology and genetics not a problem in this dynamic it is quite impressive. The challenge China has in Agriculture is not the money they can throw at problems and solutions but the human resources and skill required, they are building top down and we visited a 6 million dollar dairy 3 years old with a capacity of 800 head, at the moment they are running at 300hd due to lack of available management, if they look to the west for capacity it will be expensive therefore the overheads will be too high and place their products high in the market. There is no fast track to becoming a farmer, no short cuts, it is discipline, commitment and devlops with experience. China must be cautious building performance with money as it will more often than not squander commercial profit.

Above is a bloke I gave a hand welding.

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