Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ewe - Trition

Just spent Friday with some forward thinking Sheep Farmers from in and around Longreach hosted by Joy Hardie and Leading Sheep. It was amazing to see the climate of discussions in and around the sheep industry after the sheep sector has increased profitability, there is alot of investment into the health of sheep from a feeding perspective, it goes to show the current price levels are vital for sheep and lambs producers in the rangelands of Australia. Producers with great innovation in feeding include David Fysh "Acacia Downs", John Mcmillan "Evanston" and Pat Hegarty of "Colanya". A common theme of the day was the lack of ability to determine the condition and health of the sheep at critical stages. It helped confirm the electronic monitoring of sheep would be most valuable as the current approach is to either feed early to comprehensively cover the possibility of decline which is innefective use of capital or wait untill it is physically conclusive they need feeding/ supplementing. I can not wait to commence the weighing at $1.60 a tag it is irrefutable to have a health monitoring system......... the work begins.

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